The AABB Gold Token (AABBG)

A hybrid token, backed by 100% physical gold. Buy the AABBG token in the AABBG App!

Combining Gold Stability with Crypto Innovation

Gold is a time-tested asset, functioning for centuries as a haven for investors. Particularly in inflationary economies, people often turn to gold as a hedge against market volatility. Currently, there’s a rising need to invest in assets whose value doesn’t depreciate drastically. Gold is the most viable option. As the blockchain-cryptocurrency domain continues to grow, Asia Broadband, Inc. (OTC:AABB) integrated the reliability of gold with the technology of crypto tokens.

In March 2021, AABB launched a hybrid ERC-20 asset, the AABB Gold Token (AABBGG). In January 2024, AABBG migrated to the Algorand blockchain, ushering a major upgrade in speed of processing and greatly reduced network fees. AABBGG is not a stablecoin but a hybrid asset whose value is pegged to physical gold.

Token holders can benefit from both gold and cryptocurrency features, leading to the potential for price appreciation from both markets.

Gold at Your Fingertips

Asia Broadband is committing wholeheartedly to giving investors an entirely new way to balance their interest in both cryptocurrency and gold

0.1 gram

AABBG is tied to 0.1 gram of gold price


The tokens are backed by 100% real gold

$1 million +

Over $1 million sold in the first two weeks of launch.

$30 million

Backed by $30 million in physical gold


Developed on the  Algorand blockchain

Blockchain Ledger

All transactions are 100% posted on the blockchain

Revolutionary Mine-to-Token

Unlike other gold-backed cryptos, AABB holds physical gold assets that back the AABBG token 100% from the mining production segment of its holding company. The vertically integrated Mine-To-Token concept is a one of its kind product.

AABB continues to implement its mining property acquisition strategy to increase development capital utilization by focusing operations on regions of Mexico. In these regions, AABB has a comparative advantage of development resources and expertise readily available for the rapid expansion and doubling of the Company’s previous gold production success.

*AABBG is not currently exchangeable for physical gold nuggets

Diversify your crypto investments with the AABB Gold  Token!

Our Mines

Acaponeta, Bonanza

  • 2 mine sites, existing infrastructure, 200 ton/day processing facility
  • Located 48 km southeast from the city of Acaponeta and 3 kms from the town of El Carrizo

Buen Pais, Zodiac

  • Secured 100% interest in the Zodiac Gold Mine Project
  • 200-hectare concession
  • 150 ton/day processing facility
  • Located 15 kms southeast from the municipality of Tonila and 30 kms from the city of Colima in Tuxpan, Jalisco

Tequila, Jalisco, Mexico

  • Secured an 80% interest in the development and production of the Tequila Gold Mine Project
  • Located 70 kilometers north of Guadalajara near the town San Martin de las Canas
  • Previous exploration and drilling revealed multiple gold and silver mineralization veins with high-grade potential

Gold-backed cryptos provide a real solution for inflation-wary investors

Precious metals have long provided a haven for investors. Such assets experience consistent demand and have a proven track record of maintaining their value through periods of inflation. By linking the price of a cryptocurrency to gold or silver, investors enjoy the best of both worlds — from the reliability of precious metal investments to the flexibility, scarcity, and upside potential of cryptocurrency.

The minimum token price is linked to the current spot price of gold, which means the token benefits from the lower volatility of gold relative to the cryptocurrency space, offering a sense of stability. Given fears of devalued fiat currencies, the bull case for gold remains intact, and AABBG could also rise as a function of increasing gold prices.


How to Buy AABBG

Want to purchase some tokens? AABBG is currently only available in our AABBG App.

Download the AABB Wallet for Android, iOS, Windows and Mac from our unified download location.

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3. Add Funds

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